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Ignacio Guevara » Welcome to TFE Physical Education

Welcome to TFE Physical Education

I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio. My degree is a Bachelors in Science in Kinesiology. I chose to be a P.E. teacher because I had the most fun in elementary P.E. and I had a good  P.E. teacher that made the class fun. I therefore teach P.E. at Ted Flores Elementary.  
Contact Information:
Class schedule:
7:30-8:15-Morning duty
8:30-9:15- Kinder P.E.
9:15-9:30- Transition
9:30-10:15-1st grade P.E.
10:15-10:30- Transition
10:30-11:15-2nd grade P.E.
11:15-11:45- Lunch
11:45-12:30- Conference
12:30-1:00- lunch duty
1:00-1:30- Transition
1:30-2:15- Pre-K P.E.
3:30-4:00- Planning
"Always try your BEST"
"You are never to old to LEARN"